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Welcome to Client Attraction Formula

In module 10 you are going to learn everything you need to know to be able to attract your ideal clients. First your are going to learn what your value is, the things that makes you unique and what will attract your ideal clients to you. Then you are going to learn how to tell your story in a way that it speaks to your ideal clients. Then you are going to learn how to identify your ideal client and you are going to make an avatar for them. And after that we are going to look at your service (or product), the thing you offer to your ideal clients, and we are going to turn it into a product with an attractive price so you can optimally serve your clients while also being able to grow your business.

The topics we will cover in this module are:

  • Your Value, what makes you you.
  • Your Story, the thing your ideal clients can identify with
  • Your (Ideal) Clients and where to find them
  • Your Offer, the thing you offer your clients to help/serve them with
  • Your price, the optimal price you are going to ask for your offer

The benefits of this module will be:

  • You will get clear on your own value, the thing that makes you unique and makes clients choose you instead of your competition
  • You will tell your story in such a way that it will attract your ideal customers (the ones that resonate with your story)
  • You will have an Avatar profile of your ideal client, so you know with which clients you really want to work and that give you energy
  • You have turned your service into a product so you can better help your clients and at the same time will be able to grow your business in the future
  • You will achieve Better Business Results and Higher profits

The tools we will be using are:

  • The Ideal Client Avatar
  • The Preparations Habit Template
  • The Value Toolkit
  • The Personal Story Template
  • The Transformation & Pricing Protocol