The challenges of highsensitivity

If you have not learned how to handle your sensitive side properly, chances are you will get stuck in life. By not taking good care of yourself and crossing your limits time and time again, you will build op more and more tension and wreak havoc on your body. This can even become so extreme, that you don’t even know how to relax anymore. Do you long for more quiet and balance in your life, with enough energy to be able to do what you want when you want it?

High Sensitive People (HSP’s) who have just found out that they are highly sensitive, often experience a big resistance admitting that they are an HSP. The need to not be different than others is huge. As an HSP you have struggled with feeling different all of your life and maybe you even thought that there was something wrong with you.

Lot’s of HSP’s want nothing more then to feel like they belong or that they are just like everybody else. Admitting that you are an HSP often is a difficult step. Often you’ll see them looking up yet another test on the internet that confirms what they already know, that they are high sensitive… They’s rather have endless doubts then admitting to themselves and the world who they really are….

No way I am highly sensitive.

This denial phase can last for years. And the funny thing is that in this case its the HSP that tries to shove their feelings aside. And the pesky result of that is that you will loose yourself in the process.

Without noticing it, you can loose years of your life in which you were not your true self. How long have you been searching for yourself? Or did you feel like you were looking for something, but have no clue what that something is? Maybe you are wondering: “What do I want? What can I do? Who am I? Why am I here?” How exhausting is that?

Am I highly sensitive?

It’s possible to be sensitive without it having to mean that you are highly sensitive. Someone who is sensitive, but not an HSP can also tend to be busy with other people’s needs and can also experience feelings and emotions of others. So what is the difference?

Someone who is really an HSP tires really quickly and can easily become annoyed with impressions and stimuli not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. The huge amount of information can suck all the energy right out of you. You are affected more by people and situations and it can be a real problem letting it go. You also need a lot of “me time” to recharge your battery. Its different for every HSP, but these are the most common things.

HSP, what’s it to me, what can I do with it?

As an HSP you view and experience the world differently. You literally see more, hear more, taste more, feel more and experience more. You are also looking for the deeper meaning of life. And because of this, you will often be misunderstood. This not only makes you feel misunderstood, you will also experience lot’s of disappointments and can have a hard time connecting with people and/or making new friends.

However this sensitivity gives you a much richer life than most people. You can enjoy the company of animals, being in nature or arts & music intensely. Most HSP’s are very creative and like to express themselves in a creative manor. But this talent will only manifest itself when you are in contact with your core and your feelings. How long have you known that there is more to you than you are letting out?

Do you want answers to the questions what being a highly sensitivie person means for you and do you want to learn how you can use it as your personal super power, so that it gives you joy and energy? Have a look at my online program High Sensitive Very Normal.

Here is a video about all the benefits that you can expect when you accept and embrace your sensitivity:

OMG, I am highly sensitive

As an HSP you often feel different than others. Other people usually don’t understand the way you view the world. Incomprehension and thoughtless actions of others can have a deep impact on you. And there comes a time when you have had enough and you think to yourself the whole world can go to hell and then you close the door on your feelings. This usually happens at a young age, but can also occur later on in life.

But once you have lost all contact with your feelings, your problems will become bigger and not smaller. The more you stray away from your feelings, the more stress you will experience. And the more stress you have, the more you feel. Its a vicious circle, which will ultimately end in a burnout.

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What are the consequences of loosing touch with your feelings?

  • Not being able to feel what matters to you in life

  • Not being able to make good decisions

  • Having trouble making choices

  • Have lots of doubts about lots of things

  • Chronic insecurity

  • Low self-esteem (that is not getting better)

  • Worrying a lot, which leads to more stress, pressure in your head and all kinds of vague physical symptoms.

  • Not guarding your boundaries, going over your limits and not taking good care of yourself.

  • Not enough depth in relations of having trouble connecting with people or entering in a committed relationship.

  • Having trouble connecting with your creative side and expressing that creativity

  • Having no idea what your talents are and how to express them to get the validation you are looking for.

What would you rather deal with? The benefits of accepting your sensitivity? Or the consequences of loosing the contact with your feelings?

I would like to help you to embrace your sensitivity and to get to know your own sensitive user manual.
I can give you valuable insights into yourself and the tools to handle your sensitivity and to make it your super power, so that you will enjoy being an HSP, have energy to spare and discover your unique talents so that you will have more fun in life with less effort!


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