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HSP Core Strength Formula

Welcome to HSP Core Strength Formula

In the HSP Core Strength Formula you are going to learn all the basics that are essential for any highly sensitive person to not only survive but to thrive in today’s world.

The topics we will cover in this module are:

  • Proper breathing, how you do it and why it’s important.
  • Grounding, what is it and what does it do for HSP’s.
  • Creating a supportive morning ritual that lets you choose if this is going to be a good or a bad day.
  • Making an evening ritual to help close your day and celebrate your successes.
  • The greatest gift for HSP’s: Intuition.

The benefits of this module will be:

  • Freedom to be you
  • Stand in your power & trust your gut instinct
  • More confidence
  • happiness

The tools we will be using are:

  • The HSP Core Strength System
  • The Grounding Protocol
  • The Breathe Right Protocol
  • The Intuition Map
  • The Rituals Toolkit

This module is accompanied with:

  • Workbook with exercises, tips & tricks to accept & embrace your high sensitivity unconditionally so that it may become your Super Power.
  • Meditations & visualizations to help you become your effortless self
  • Tools to help you become the best version of yourself.
  • Bonuses to give you even more value.
  • Dutch download section, so you can read everything in Dutch if you want to.

Now, go ahead, take a deep breath and get started. You can do this!

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